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Re: In defense of DOD

Minneapolis/St. Paul has a decent experimental scene particularly as far
as strange rock ensembles go. I suggest checking out the CD's of
Minneapolis groups "Colossamite" or "Gorge Trio." The guitarists for
both (John Dieterich and Ed ???) are loop freaks, sporting JamMan,
Echoplex, DigiTech Time Machines. They are also very nice guys and are
approachable...they'd be glad to give you the low down on who's who in
Minn./St. Paul experimental music.


Crossedout wrote:
> Slightly off the beaten path of this discussion, is anyone on this list 
>in the
> Minneapolis/St. Paul area? I'm planning to move there soon, and I wanted 
> know what the scene was like, in terms of experimental music....