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Re: A request for some advice (please)

Adam Tuckerman wrote:
>     I have the opportunity to buy a used 1 minute Boomerang for $150.
> It doesn't have the manual or a power supply.  Should i go for it?
> Thank you very much,
> Adam Tuckerman

Hi Adam,
  You can power it with a 9VAC (note AC), 500mA adapter. There is an
Alesis adapter that is compatible. There is no substitute for powering
it up and trying it out. Also, I would take it apart and inspect the
insides. Does it smell burned? Has some liquid (beer) been spilled into
the unit?
  If it looks solid but doesn't work, it may still be worth buying. The
Rang is fairly straight forward and typically very easy to fix. I
imagine we could fix whatever is wrong for $25-$75, but remember, this
is an estimate not a promise.
  I can sell you a power supply and a manual for $14.00. If you get the
Rang, let me know your address and Rang serial #. That way I can bother
you with useless junk mail.

All the best,

Mike Nelson, co-owner

Boomerang Musical Products
PO Box 541595
Dallas, TX 75354-1595

Tel       800-530-4699 (outside USA, 214-340-6913)
Fax       214-343-1038
email     mnelson@dmans.com
web page  http://www.boomerangmusic.com