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Squarepusher on 52nd.

  HI all , I just bought a cd by a fella named Squarepusher , it`s called
"feed me new things". I believe it falls under the Drum`n`Bass genre.
For someone who`s never checked out the "electronica" stuff this cd is
a door-opener. As I sat listening to it my mind started going into 
different directions at once,
and the whole thing was.....errm ,  TRIPPY!

I can feel the barriers crashing down in my mind. Now I really want to get 
a sampler! :-)

Have any of you tried recording guitar over music such as Squarepusher??  
I`m wondering
if it might be "too much" stuff going on , with the busy groove and all 
that , to actually improvise some guitar over it.