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Re: Squarepusher on 52nd.

>  HI all , I just bought a cd by a fella named Squarepusher , it`s called
>"feed me new things". I believe it falls under the Drum`n`Bass genre.
>For someone who`s never checked out the "electronica" stuff this cd is
>a door-opener. As I sat listening to it my mind started going into
>different directions at once,
>and the whole thing was.....errm ,  TRIPPY!
>I can feel the barriers crashing down in my mind. Now I really want to get
>a sampler! :-)
>Have any of you tried recording guitar over music such as Squarepusher??
>I`m wondering
>if it might be "too much" stuff going on , with the busy groove and all
>that , to actually improvise some guitar over it.

Find the Buckethead album called "The Day of the Robot", for an example.
Most of the tracks have jungle grooves provided by dj ninj, with buckethead
adding his guitar eccentricities to the mix. I like it for dj ninj more
than anything else, but I guess the guitar parts work alright. It's a few
years old now, so the jungle might not be the latest stuff, but it's still
a pretty interesting album. One of the first places I heard
jungle/drum&bass, actually.

Squarepusher can be really busy (and a bit fixated on late 70s fusion), a
lot of jungle has a very sparse feel where it would be easier to add guitar
loops. (try photek, boymerang, optical, or other "darkstep" types.) Another
branch of dnb tends to be very jazzy, with samples off old jazz records,
and jazzier, sometimes smoother feel. (John B, Roni Size). A lot of the
jazzy dnb guys have been experimenting with playing live with traditional
instruments, or having improvisers blow over their tracks. That seems like
a perfect place to try adding real-time looping or experimenting with
guitars. (especially if you have a jazz background)

I'd say, listen to some more of it, and get a feel for what role the
percussion parts play, the bass parts, the "other stuff". The music is
coming from a different place than where a lot of "guitar music" comes
from, but once you get a feel for what's going on, I think you could figure
out where to add your own thing.  Drum & bass is a very dynamic thing right
now, with lots of experimentation and evolution going on, There's lots of
room to explore new ideas there, which is why I think so many musicians are
interested in it.

have fun,


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