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Re: Squarepusher on 52nd.

Crossedout wrote:

> I think the key to doing drum&bass or jungle with guitar over it would 
>just be
> to balance the elements - the music is so sparse (and it kinda needs to 
>be, in
> my opinion), that you need to keep a fine balance between "minimal" and 
> busy".
> If you get something going, post it somewhere so we can hear it!!


At the risk of overexposing myself, I've got some online sound files of
my music which is primarily (ta da...) electric guitar over jungle
beats.  In fact, I'm under the impression that those files were Thomas
"Woheni"s first taste of drum 'n bass, based upon mail he sent me.

I posted a notice about these files a week ago, so presumably some folks
either heard it and thought it unworthy of mention in this thread, or
else missed the notice altogether.

So, just in case:  The URL is


The song is called "In Time," from my 1998 demo (the first three