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SV: Squarepusher on 52nd.

Andre wrote:
>At the risk of overexposing myself, I've got some online sound files of
>my music which is primarily (ta da...) electric guitar over jungle
>beats.  In fact, I'm under the impression that those files were Thomas
>"Woheni"s first taste of drum 'n bass, based upon mail he sent me.

Yep , I finally got a loose idea of the genres through your demo and the 
questions I asked you.  I`m very new to electronic music , and I realize 
now how much Im missing.
(On that note , Herbalizer is playing a small JazzFestival in norway this 
summer. Is he
influenced by Jazz , or is it "just a fad"??)

For the record , I think your demo and guitarplaying is absolutely 
superb!!!  Obviously , the
soundquality and the short soundclips on a "net-demo" don`t do anybody 
justice , but I loved it!!   I urge everyone on the list to check Andre`s 
demo out , and everyones elses , for that
matter.  After all , this list is about music , not words.  If anyone here 
has a demo lying on the net I hope you post the URL so we can "check each 
other out."   

Thomas W