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hypnotic music

John Parada,
On your website you wrote:

Side B is a musical side, using the original applied theories and
concepts of hypnotic frequency tonal variation and axiomatic varied
polyrhythmic induction. 

John, would you elaborate on the meaning and characteristics of
"hypnotic frequency tonal variation, and axiomatic varied polyrhythmic


---John + Diane Parada <jparada@pop.interport.net> wrote:
> Hi all . I just purchased a Boomerang from rogue Music in Nyc. Between
> that, my analog and digital delays, my ebow and xp300 space station, I
> can now make and record some of the sounds I've always wanted to
make. I
> am in the NYC area. I am interested in hypnosis, meditation and music
> and live performance of those combinations . Is there anyone who
> simialr interests in the area? to learn more about me visit my site
>  http://www.changenow.com

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