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Re: hypnotic music

i noticed that in the original message, John wrote he uses his space 
to make sounds he always wanted to.  I got one a couple of months ago, and 
have found that only the strings are really any good, the rest of the 
i could make with various combinations of other pedals.  I have also found
the ring modulator sounds to be really weak compared to my colorsound ring
modulator.  what do you all think?

Jay Allen
the wax dolls

Bret wrote:

> John Parada,
> On your website you wrote:
> Side B is a musical side, using the original applied theories and
> concepts of hypnotic frequency tonal variation and axiomatic varied
> polyrhythmic induction.
> John, would you elaborate on the meaning and characteristics of
> "hypnotic frequency tonal variation, and axiomatic varied polyrhythmic
> induction"?
> bret
> ---John + Diane Parada <jparada@pop.interport.net> wrote:
> >
> > Hi all . I just purchased a Boomerang from rogue Music in Nyc. Between
> > that, my analog and digital delays, my ebow and xp300 space station, I
> > can now make and record some of the sounds I've always wanted to
> make. I
> > am in the NYC area. I am interested in hypnosis, meditation and music
> > and live performance of those combinations . Is there anyone who
> shares
> > simialr interests in the area? to learn more about me visit my site
> >
> >  http://www.changenow.com
> >
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