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Dinosaur music

yes, there's loop content in here if you look closely. -Michael
Von:    Dave Aftandilian [SMTP:da@press.uchicago.edu]
Gesendet am:    Sonntag, 3. Mai 1998 22:21
An:     acoustic-ecology@sfu.ca
Betreff:        Dinosaur music

According to the 18 April 98 issue of NEW SCIENTIST, researchers Tom
Williamson of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Carl Diegert of
Sandia National Laboratories took a CAT scan of the skull of the so-called
"trombone duckbill" hadrosaur *Parasaurolophus*. They found that the hollow
crest with long, looped tubes from the nostrils up to the top of the crest
and then back down toward the throat "would have put on an impressive
performance" whether or not the dinosaur possessed vocal organs.

"Without vocal organs, it could have got sounds to resonate in the crest
just as you cna produce noises by blowing across the top of a bottle. The
result would have been a very low note (similar in pitch to the lowest note
on a piano). With vocal organs, it would have been rather more musical,
producing a wider repertoire of frequencies. The sound has been compared to
that of a didgeridoo."

I don't have sound capabilities on this computer, but more information can
be found at and the sounds can supposedly be heard on the web at:


-- Dave