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Re: I got loop!

At 10:00 AM 5/4/98 -0700, Peter Harlan wrote:
>Well, I've only got one question at this point, and it seems so
>simple, that I feel stupid asking it, but how do you solo over your
>loop without recording anything? I did read the manual from cover
>to cover, but I can't seem to find anything that addresses this.
>After hitting "record", playing a bit, then "record" again, I have
>a loop going, but everything I play after that is also recorded, as
>if I'm overdubbing. It never goes back to play mode. What am I doing
>wrong? I was able to keep hitting "undo" to avoid recording over my
>loop, but that gets to be very annoying, especially on shorter loops.
>Also, I should say that I reset to factory defaults, so this isn't
>being caused by any inadvertent programming on my part. I was using
>an Alesis footswitch plugged into the footpedal jack on the EDP.

It sounds like either:

a) you've got the Loop/delay parameter set to delay, in which case you want
to set it back to Loop. (The overdub LED would be always green if this is
the case.)


b) something funky is happening with the pedal you are using, and it is
causing overdub to turn on all the time. (The overdub LED would be always
red in this case.) Try removing the pedal and using the front panel 
to see if it makes a difference.

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Systems Engineering             kflint@chromatic.com
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