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Re: I got loop!

Kim Flint wrote:
> It sounds like either:
> a) you've got the Loop/delay parameter set to delay, in which case you 
> to set it back to Loop. (The overdub LED would be always green if this is
> the case.)

Unless this is the default behavior, it should have been corrected by
re-initializing to factory defaults, n'est-ce pas? At least that's what

> or
> b) something funky is happening with the pedal you are using, and it is
> causing overdub to turn on all the time. (The overdub LED would be always
> red in this case.) Try removing the pedal and using the front panel 
> to see if it makes a difference.

I should have tried this simple test--I'll do it tonight. Thanks, by the
to all the other folks who suggested this in private e-mails to me.