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a few vortex ?'s

hi there,

i've check the looper's delight homepage, and i'm looking for the 
answers to a few questions:

1) can anyone recommend a "continuous controller" for the vortex?  to 
me, "continuous controlling" is something i do via midi, but the back of 
the vortex asks for a stereo cable... that is, a midi cable doesn't fit 
in there.  do i just use an insert cable with a volume pedal connected 
to either side?  or is there something i'm missing here?

2) the link to "andy butler's vortex page" on the looper's delight page 
is dead.  is there any chance anyone has a copy of the presets there?  
i'm having absolutely no problems coming up with weird and inspiring 
patches for this thing, i'm just wondering what other people are using 
their vortecies for.

3) is anyone using their vortex with and echoplex?  if so, how are you 
dealing with the stereo/mono thing?  i mean, aside from the obvious 
solution of getting another 'plex.  right now, i run from the preamp, 
through the stereo effects (including vortex), and feed the echoplex 
from and aux send.  i return the 'plex to the board through another 
channel, which can then again be stereo-ized.  i like having the vortex 
before the echoplex, and i think i want to keep it there.  any 
suggestions for an alternate setup?

whew, that was longer than i thought.  thanks in advance,

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