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Re: a few vortex ?'s

>3) is anyone using their vortex with and echoplex?  if so, how are you 
>dealing with the stereo/mono thing?  i mean, aside from the obvious 
>solution of getting another 'plex.  right now, i run from the preamp, 
>through the stereo effects (including vortex), and feed the echoplex 
>from and aux send.  i return the 'plex to the board through another 
>channel, which can then again be stereo-ized.  i like having the vortex 
>before the echoplex, and i think i want to keep it there.  any 
>suggestions for an alternate setup?

I use two Vortex--one for live guitar, one after the Echoplex.

Travis Hartnett