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Loops, jungle, Bill Nelson and the Darsan Trio, was Re: Squarepusher on 52nd.


---Andre LaFosse <altruist@earthlink.net> wrote:

> Here are a few guitar+jungle albums:

> -- Bill Nelson, "After The Sattelite Sings."  Largely a
> vocal affair; about half of the tunes on here are
> Pretty good.

Pretty good?!!  It's the best vocal album he's ever done!
IMHO.  And, if you have any training in western occultism,
all the lyrics take on very interesting meanings.

Does anyone know if Bill Nelson does any loopage?  I have
practically everything he's done, and I would suppose the
closest thing would be the monumental ambient/esoteric
offering "Strange Encounters in the Garden of Light". If
he doesn't have a looper, he should!

As for the jungle and guitar thing, I just did a micro gig
(a 25min. set) as the Darsan Trio at the Satyicon in
Portland, OR for a tribute to the late Anton Levy.

I used an EPS sampler to loop beats lifted from Bill
Laswell and King Crimson, slowed down about an octave.
Now, I realize that jungle is usually sped up, so what I
was doing was not technically jungle, but what the hell,
close enough.

Over this I looped guitar with ye olde JamMan. I worked
with a dancer who used a wireless headset mike that went
through my old Digitech 7.6 delay, set to about 4 seconds.
She read a couple of poems and caused general vocal
mayhem. The JamMan was midi'd to the EPS, but the Digitech
was not synched in any way.  The dancer wore nothing but
silver paint. We were quite the hit, as you might well
imagine ;-)


Rev. DOubt-Goat

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