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Re: Clipper Ship show? San Antonio, May 22nd

cool... I am going to try and make that show....sounds interesting...you
guys come here to SA to loop often??

At 12:58 PM 5/4/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>which one of you loop-heads is playing a little show at the Clipper Ship
>>Bookstore in San Antonio sometime soon? I live here...and have 
>>doing a show or two there myself....anyway, I was talking to the 
>>of said bookstore about that show and was intruiged...
>Travis Hartnett (from Austin) will be playing, as well as myself (james
>im pretty sure Travis will be playing guitar...he could tell you more.
>i will be playing Chapman Stick/Keys,,,and maybe some other stringed
>its a free show and its at the Clippership Bookstore (great old/used books
>etc.) at 7:00pm Fri, May 22nd
>722 Balcones Heights Rd. (at Babcock) (210) 734-5409  San Antonio, TX
>the Clippership features poetry/spoken word on Monday nights, and features
>eclectic experimental,,,and not so experimental live music...
>great books,,,and music to read them by
>hope folks can come out

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