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Space Station (was hypnotic music)

>i noticed that in the original message, John wrote he uses his space 
>to make sounds he always wanted to.  I got one a couple of months ago, 
>and i
>have found that only the strings are really any good, the rest of the 
>i could make with various combinations of other pedals.  I have also found
>the ring modulator sounds to be really weak compared to my colorsound ring
>modulator.  what do you all think?

I tried it out a few weeks ago on two gigs, and was sort of disappointed. 
 You can't edit the parameters on any of the patches, except to use the 
expression pedal to vary the parameter that Digitech has chosen 
(typically wet/dry blend, delay time or volume).  

The string swell patches were okay, but I've been using a compressor, 
Whammy Pedal, volume pedal and reverb/delay for years now, which gives me 
a lot more control of the swell envelope.  If you pick very, very, very 
lightly, there's no pick sound, but above that, you hear the multi-tap 
delay repeats of your initial attack.

The backwards sound was very good.

The bizarro sounds (pixelator, ring mod, random pitch shift) weren't 
enough to make me fork over $200.  I believe there was also a few 
auto-wah patches. 

If you don't have much in the way of effects, it may be a great buy for 
you.  If you've already got a Field Of LED's, you may want to demo before