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EDP problem solved?

Yesterday, I reported that the Record function on my new Echoplex
didn't seem to be working right--everything I played was overdubbing
the loop.

Well, the problem turned out to be that the Loop/Delay parameter
was set to "dEL". Simple enough, I guess, but what I can't figure
out is why re-initializing the machine to factory presets didn't
fix this. I did that several times on Sunday, with no change to the
way the unit was operating. However, last night I set the parm to
"LOP" and it worked just fine. Then I changed it back to "dEL" and
tried the re-init process, and lo and behold, the parm was reset to
"LOP". So, I'm happy everything now works, but still puzzled as to
why the Loop/Delay parm wasn't reset the other day.

Having had a chance to play around with the EDP for a while now,
I am realizing how important it is to have a foot controller that
feels right. I'm using two cheap footswitches to trigger Record and
Overdub, and I'd planned to get my ART X-15 set up to activate other
functions as well as control the feedback level. But now I've pretty
much made up my mind to spring for the EFC-7.