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Re: Red hot EDP questions

At 9:51 AM +0100 5/5/98, JF. Carter wrote:
>Dear All,
>having had my Echoplex for about two months I have a few comments
>and questions:
>Firstly, thanks to all who designed this wonderful box of tricks.
>Secondly, I find that after a couple of hours of insane, dreamy
>ambience the thing is so hot that strange and annoying things happen.
>(I should mention that I'm running on UK voltage, 230V)

Did you flip the voltage switch on the back to the 230V setting? If it were
on 115V and you were powering off 230V, the normally warm echoplex would
become positively molten...

>Most worrying the mains plug frequently gets so warm the plastic
>softens and it looses contact momentarily, naturally resetting the
>EDP and loosing my prize loop. I have tried this with half a dozen
>diffent leads with the same result.

If it's as hot as you say, its more likely that the regulators are going
into thermal overload and shutting off.

>Less worrying - strange things start to happen to the control functions.
>Foremost amonst these is that <OVERDUB> starts acting like <MULTIPLY>,
>this can produce some intersting results but is still annoying.
>Is this a result of the input voltage?

that's what happens when it is way outside of it's normal temperature
range. I only ever made it do that sort of thing by blowing a heat gun on
it until it failed. (ie, making it extremely hot.)

It should run the same with 115V or 230V, assuming the switch is set right.

>I guess my only option is to fit a fan in the rack case.

are there other things in the rack generating heat? Or is air flow in the
rack limited?


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