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Re: MIDI Looping Control

> No one responded to this when I posted it a while back but it was on a
> different thread. Maybe one of you can help me?
> Is it possible to convert MIDI note messages from a MIDI device (drum
> pads) to MIDI program change messages for the Jamman?

perhaps one of those "old" anatek pocket solution midi things will do
i seem to remember one of them doing translation.
also - search a Craig Anderton site or 'projects for electronic musicians'
type book - perhaps he's got a schematic whereby you can make one or have
it made...??

also check the below pages - there's a company called 'midi solutions', too



> Alternative: Can I use drum triggers to operate my Jamman instead of
> footpedals?

should be feasible - if they send out a pulse, might be the wrong polarity,
though or the JM may need a latch type switch

peace, andre'