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Re: MIDI Looping Control

At 15:01 -0700 5/5/98, Paolo Valladolid wrote:
> > No one responded to this when I posted it a while back but it was on a
> > different thread. Maybe one of you can help me?
> > Is it possible to convert MIDI note messages from a MIDI device (drum
> > pads) to MIDI program change messages for the Jamman?
> I believe the software known as Max (distributed by Opcode for the 
> and, I think, IRCAM (the Paris-based music research facility) for NeXT 
> SGI) may be able to do this.  However you will need a computer 
> NeXT, or SGI).  For live gigs, folks have successfully used Mac 
> to run Max.

I work for Opcode so I don't want to dis the software solution entirely :)
but it does seem like overkill for changing bytes like "9x kk vv" into "Cx
kk".  Sure, there are plenty of other great things to do with Max once
you've got it ... :)

I haven't gotten around to installing my Peavey PC-1600's 2.0 software
update yet, but one of the new features is: you can send it a program
change or note on/off and have that trigger one of the 16 buttons, which in
turn can send any MIDI string you like.  That would do the trick.

The PC-1600 is a really wonderful general-purpose piece of gear.  I use it
for editing synth patches on the fly, starting/stopping the
(computer-based) sequencer, triggering sampled loops live, controlling
volumes ... now if I only had an effects processor that had anything
resembling good realtime control ... (my current looper is a Sony DPS-D7
which has some real cool multitap delay patches, but it's noisy, only has
2.7 seconds, and has a very broken MIDI implementation).


(Andre and Dave T: your music arrived today ... just starting to listen 
... !)

 Doug Wyatt                             doug@sonosphere.com
 Sonosphere (electric/improv music)     http://www.sonosphere.com/
 "Accidental Beauties" CD release:      http://www.sonosphere.com/wyatt/