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reverse function on echoplex

hello to loopers delight. my name is carlo poloni, gutar player, based
in geneva switzerland.

the question i'd like to submit to this community is the following.
i guess it's a simple one but i could not find a tip in loopers delight

i was just about to order an echoplex from the states, since oberheim is
no more imported in switzerland, when i came across the boomerang at my
local music retailer. one really cool function of the rang is reverse.
it really turned me on.

this raised a question about the reverse function of the echoplex. to
activate the function, i nedd to press - if my understanding is correct
- three times the "parameters" switch, so as to change the function of
the "undo" switch to "reverse". this is not very practical on stage,
when performing solos in real time and suddenly wanting to reverse this
cool chord or riff.

so the question is. is there a way to activate "reverse" (and
inactivate) with a single foot movement, so as on the boomerang, and how
to ?

could you indicate how to, for instance, customize the efc7 footpedal,
indicating how to rewire it, or suggest another simple way around ?

i am ok with opening boxes, rewiring a few cables and soldering if need

thanks a lot, it's great to meet you on this site !

carlo poloni