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Re: Looper CD Vol 2 Update

At 11:33 AM -0400 5/7/98, David Talento wrote:
>On Wed, 6 May 1998, Finley Sound Design wrote:
>> Just wanted to let everyone know that the Looper CD Vol 2 web page has 
>> updated (including complete track listing).  We except the CD to be
>> available for mass consumption mid-June.  Stay tuned!
>I hate to be a newbie but what ever happened to the looper CD#1. I was on
>the list years ago and sent email a couple times to the guy running it and
>then never heard another thing. Was it ever completed?  If so does anyone
>have a copy?

That would be Ray Peck. He popped up several months ago to say he still had
everything and would be working on it shortly, but then he disappeared
again. No signs of him since. It's probably time to hunt him down again,
and maybe get the project to somebody else to manage. Anybody have his
email handy and want to try and rouse him? I think he still has people's
checks to pay for it too.....


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