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ProjKCt Two in NYC


great show... far better than the CDs.. they have develpoed their vibe
greatly.. no loops, but some very interactive playing by the boys Fripp,
Belew, Gunn.

Even a smile almost snuck out on ol' Rob's face!!!

Very eclectic buncha sounds, from all quarters... several times you'd hear
bass and it was fripp, or hear that trademark burning guitar and it was
gunn!!! etc. or an ostinato bass line would turn out to be adrian with the
Virtual Drums.....

excellent mix, great variety, from gentle space washes to thundering 
insane rhinos on durms... (wait! there WAS a rhino on drums...! :) )

also got the excellent new Adrian Belew "belewprints"... great stuff -
acoustic songs on piano, guiatr, str. quartet, etc... even 2 crimson/thrak
tunes done naked... (well, on acoustic anyway)...

if you're in long island - go see em on sat at IMAC

andre' east