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Re: ProjKCt Two in NYC

Just a quick comment(and late) on the Philly Projekt Two show...
The music was great, but Mr. Fripp decided to cut the show short by 
the encore. During the second part, some idiot thought it would be best to
disregard Trey's announcement concerning no flash pictures, recorders, 
etc. He
took a flash and it pissed off Robert badly. He walked off the stage for a 
minutes. At the end, Robert came back out to address the audience, as he 
does, and was suprised once again by another flash...right before he was 
to speak!!! He left the stage and the band walked out with him. No encore.
Very disappointing. Apparently, some folks can not attend a show and
appreciate the musicianship of the band without having to indulge in the 
glasses of beer sold in the lobby...which after quite a few, makes them
stupid. Anyone see this show??? Any comments???