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Re: ProjKCt Two in NYC

> From: Salazzar2 <Salazzar2@aol.com>

> Just a quick comment(and late) on the Philly Projekt Two show...
> The music was great, but Mr. Fripp decided to cut the show short by
> the encore. During the second part, some idiot thought it would be best
> disregard Trey's announcement concerning no flash pictures, recorders,
etc. He
> took a flash and it pissed off Robert badly. He walked off the stage for
a few

yeah - i also forgot...at the end of the NYC show - they came out for an
encore - crimson's thrak done bizarrely (great!!) and then left - the crowd
was insane ---half of them left, but i've not seen a more rabid bunch in
ages. So we screamed and hooted and clapped, for several minutes, the
tension built, as the lights stayed off.... there seemed to be a chance for
a 2nd encore.. then at long last - the house lights went up..(boohoo)..

So you'd think we'd all go home happy, right..? NO! Some asshole yelled
REAL LOUD, very audibly to anyone near the backstage area..

F U C K  Y O U !!!!!!!

as if they OWED us a 2nd encore. everyone in the small remaining crowd
shook their heads in disbelief - it was a negative downer to a great show,
if only for a minute...

so the moral is - even in these "intellectual" crowds, there's always a