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MIDI-controllable FX

In a message dated 5/8/98 9:13:48 AM, Sean wrote:

>As far as a real-time, MIDI-controllable
>effects unit, I suggest looking at Ensoniq's line of FX, like the DP
>series (snip)
I've been very pleased with the modulation options of the DP/Pro (not many
sources or destinations possible, but DEEP parameter lists and far-out
ranges), but find the Dp-2 quite glitchy and potentially noisy when
(particularly gain-related) parameters are modulated. The most versatile 
I've seen for modulation via MIDI or otherwise is the tc G-Force, which 
over 20 mod destinations per patch and has many cool source options 
dynamics, ASDRs, LFOs, ext pedals and all MIDI of course, plus very graphic
and intuitive set-up menus. Their FireworX (which is built on the same 
OS as the G-F) appears to be even more comprehensive, with modulatable
modulators, and even a little mod sequencer. The Lexicon MPX-1 only allows 
destinations per patch, but it has similar source flexibility to the tc 
and will also send MIDI control messages to other units at the same time.