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Re: Fruit Loops

     As far as I'm concerned, once you've mapped out your basic backbeat
and layers of breakbeat and bass all that's left is the looping...  and
it is too much fun... A friend and I made some really cool slow-funk
groove a couple days ago by basically following this method, except w/o
a computer... 
     I'd love to have access to software like Cubase and Soundforge but
I'm too poor to care at the moment.  We do our best impersonation by
composing a song on the drum machine, sampling the bits and pieces we
like, playing with a multitap delay (4 continuity I suppose) and then
actively mixing all these different "loops" at mixdown.  We've even been
known to use the MidiSync capability on th Jam Man to insure that we
don't go phase-crazy.
     Hope this gives you a window on what we do...
I'm totally hip to yer ideas leo and would love to hear em.

ciao baby 

Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
> At 17.30 08/05/98 +0800, you wrote:
> >Has anybody tried a drummachine software program called "Fruit Loops"? 
> >kinda like "Hammerhead". BTW, when is the new version of Hammerhead 
> >out anyway?
> >
> >C H R I S
> >
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> >Reggae/Dancehall/Dub/Ska mailing list at http://come.to/reggae-list
> >Erykah Badu mailing list http://come.to/badu
> >
> >
> Talking about drum loops and drum&bass, I've found that's possible to
> recreate that rhythmic things without using a sampler. You can do all the
> breakbeats editing and arranging on an audio seq. with really good 
> I'm using Cubase VST to build my drum loops and editing my Stick parts 
> looping.
> The key for that Roni Size sound is not in sampling the single piece of 
> drum kit (as you normally do writing midi drum patterns)  but using 
>parts of
> a whole sampled groove. You cut the bar in quarters or eights and then
> reorder the fragments in a new way. Try this method.
> I find the mix of live looping and jungle really interesting. Who's with 
> I'd like to mention the music samples of Andre La Fosse on his web page 
>as a
> really good example to listen if you like this kind of music.
> ciao
> leo