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Looping near London (oh and by the way...........)

     In a determined bid to travel one step beyond, on Sunday 17th May I 
     will move the contents of my front room to the Balcony Bar of the 
     Croydon Clocktower (Croydon, Surrey). Between 7 and 8 pm I will a 
     adopt an unashamedly ambient stance, looping the output of my ebowed 
     telecaster on two JamPersons and some Reflexive reverb. You may then 
     wish to adjourn to the Braithwaite Hall to hear Antonio Forcione & 
     Neil Stacey, who also engage in intermittent loopage.
     Looper Delight hats will not on this occasion be mandatory.
     The following site includes a map of the Croydon area for uncertain 
     travellers, plus 3 new examples of what to expect should you arrive.