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Re: a chat question..........

I have not been there ,however I have used ICQ for a long time and it works
great,you dont need a server or chat room and you can talk around the world
or send messeges,etc

Floyd Miller wrote:

> At 01:01 AM 5/14/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >now here is the question:
> >at times, i go to a music chat room, 90% of the time it is, your
> > in your out,......
> >
> >i think it would be neat to have a little Loopers Delight pow-wow
> > every now and then and exchange thoughts and questions in real time.
> >is it possible to do this with our present level of computer maddness??
> I've never used an aol chat room or irc, but there is chat
> client/server software called the Palace (http://www.palacespace.com)
> that offers graphic interactive creative chat environments.  You
> can create your own graphic avatars and even your own server where
> you creat the images and sounds.
> Is anyone else on this list familiar with the Palace?
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