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Tribute: Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) at EarthLight Studios

Perhaps America's greatest singer of the 20th Century, the man known
simultaneously to millions as "Sinatra", "The Chairman Of The Board",
"Frank", and "Ol' Blue Eyes" brought us music that people will be
growing into for generations to come.  His passing, while no surprise,
is a loss felt by all; but we are all the richer for his stay on this

This Saturday, in memory of Frank Sinatra (1915-1998), his music and
legendary stature, we at EarthLight Studios dedicate the Loop Of The

The belief that music CAN bring peace in many forms is not only valid,
but necessary.

Do drop into EarthLight Studios (at http://www.earthlight.net/Studios
in case you didn't get it yet) and have a listen, hopefully enjoy if
not reflect in an Electric Tea Garden made of sound, and let us know
what you think.

Stephen Goodman
EarthLight Productions-Studios