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Re: EDP Feedback pedals...

OH!!! I was under the impression that feedback will start working only and
always at the beginning of the loop, not somewhere in the middle- this
explains a lot of things. The Ground Control has a 'pedal test' mode to see
the values being transmitted from the pedal, so I will make sure they are
right. Also, I want to try the feedback jack on the back of the Plex..Is 
feedback jack in 128 increments, or 256, or what?
Thanks again,
Dave Eichenberger
'Future Perfect' - art music - visit our website at:
"Truth is just an excuse for lack of imagination" - Garak

>Part of your problem could be as Paul noted, just getting used to how
>feedback works. It's a bit different from just controlling volume level,
>and you might just need to practice it a bit to get the hang of it. It is 
>live, real-time control, and where you use it in the loop will make a
>difference. It's effect will be heard at the point in the loop where you
>are moving it.