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Re: EDP Feedback pedals...

At 4:27 AM -0400 5/17/98, future perfect wrote:
>I guess I was confused by the second paragraph on the 'Feedback Knob' page
>of the manual-one more clarification...if you set the feedback to 0 in the
>middle of the loop, it will wait till that same point in the loop the next
>time around to go to 0, instead of going to 0 at the end of the loop the
>next time around, right?

yes, that's right.

>Yeah, the manual gets a bit confusing here, it says
>that it will wait till the end of the loop, or am I misunderstanding?
>Dave Eichenberger

I think warren meant you wait for an entire loop length before the feedback
effect is heard. I guess an assumption was made that the reader would have
a real-time, delay-centric view of things, as opposed to a
start-point/stop-point, sampler-like viewpoint.


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