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Re: EDP Feedback pedals...

hi all,

i'm glad someone else brought up a question on the edp's feedback 
control.  i'm controlling mine with an ernie ball volume pedal plugged 
directly into the feedback jack on the back.

the problem i'm having is this:  there isn't much of a variation in the 
feedback level until i get to the last 10% or so of the pedal's range.  
this makes it very hard for my extra-clumsy feet to control.  often, 
i'll accidentally bring the feedback level all the way down for an 
instant which will completely cut out a section of audio.  annoying.  
btw, i've tried several pedals with the same results.

so, is there a way to set the range of the feedback control on the edp?  
or can i switch pots on the volume pedal?


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