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Re: EDP Feedback pedals...

use a pedal with a linear taper pot instead of an audio taper pot. Or
change the pot in the volume pedal you are using to linear, 20k.

there's no way to set the range in the echoplex, but its a simple thing to
do by using different types of potentiometers or putting resistors in
series with the potentiometer.

If you use midi, most controller devices let you set the range of a
continuous controller, which is another option.


>hi all,
>i'm glad someone else brought up a question on the edp's feedback
>control.  i'm controlling mine with an ernie ball volume pedal plugged
>directly into the feedback jack on the back.
>the problem i'm having is this:  there isn't much of a variation in the
>feedback level until i get to the last 10% or so of the pedal's range.
>this makes it very hard for my extra-clumsy feet to control.  often,
>i'll accidentally bring the feedback level all the way down for an
>instant which will completely cut out a section of audio.  annoying.
>btw, i've tried several pedals with the same results.
>so, is there a way to set the range of the feedback control on the edp?
>or can i switch pots on the volume pedal?
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