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fine musical experience

Hey y'all,

Sorry, no looping content, just great music. I just saw a band last night,
that if you're one of these towns, could treat you to a fine musical

        The Clusone Trio: Michael Moore, alto saxophone and clarinet; the
legendary Han Bennink, drum set (and theatricality); Ernst Reisjeiger,
cello. They're all great players and make for a wonderful and 
concert experience. (They're based in Amsterdam, so stateside folk, this is
your big chance.)

        18 May: Santa Cruz (Kuumbwa)
        19 May: Berkeley (Beanbenders)
        20 May: Arcadia (unknown venue)
        21 May Seattle (unknown venue)
        22 May Vancouver (unknown venue)

        24 May (?): Bath England

        Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming . . .