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looping software?

Hi.  I've searched the archive for helpful information, but found such a 
huge list of complete digests that I couldn't find anything.

What I'd like to know is if there exists looping software for windows.  
I'm not talking
about a real-time echoplex-simulation sort of thing, which is a huge 
project, but just
something that can play sound files in a bunch of loops.

Using a tracker/sequencer might be the best bet, but the problem here is 
that if I
want to create any drum loops, they have to be all the same length--the 
length of
the block.   What would be useful here is 2 drum programs, side by side.  
not sequencer mode.  In addition, if I want to use a sample in a tracker, 
I have to somehow keep adding empty blocks to the program--or else every 
time the
track returns to the beginning spot, it hits the loop at the beginning and 
it up.

MIDI programs, while good for loop creation using cut and paste (though 
you have to
know beforehand how many you're going to do), lose the sample aspect.

Is there a program specifically for looping?  Here's what would be 
perfect, and it
already exists in lame form: if you go to the shockrave site on the net, 
frequently have these little mixer programs in shockwave.  Each of six 
tracks or
so plays a loop, which you can select and change the volume of, etc.  I 
could see
that working perfectly, three or four drum tracks I program in different 
signatures, a couple freaky noises, etc.  Does such a thing, configurable, 

Failing that, anyone else out there creating looping music by software?  
How do
you do it?

   "It's going to be either me or everyone else I kill,
    so pray for my quick suicide." - afn39111@afn.org
    This is who I am. -O- http://www.afn.org/~afn39111/