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Re: looping software?

Hello, All!

I found an interesting shareware program called "SoundRaider" 
(www.andyw.com/raider).  It 
doesn't do what you're looking for, but it's hugely fun.  When launched, 
SoundRaider scans 
your drive for WAV files (you can restrict its search to a particular 
directory and 
subdirectories).  Then, on a periodic basis, it randomly selects a file, 
randomly selects 
a portion of the file (I think), randomly applies changes (half-speed, 
double speed, etc), 
and loops a portion of the file.  It does this process on five independent 
channels.  From 
the SoundRaider homepage:

"SoundRaider is a music creation tool that works by scanning your hard 
drive for WAV 
format sounds and uses them to create industrial-ambient sound.Leave 
SoundRaider running 
on the desktop and listen to your hard drive muttering to itself."

Now what I find especially cool, is how the content of the WAV files 
effect the operation. 
 For example, use a bunch of drum patterns and you get one effect, use 
files of spoken 
word and you get a totally different effect.  I have a bunch of didjeridu, 
Tibetan singing 
bowl, and Waterphone wave files and I get a cool etheral thing happening 
(most of the 

I plan on using this in live performance but I haven't exactly decided 
how, yet.

Is it art?  Is it Art?  Who cares?

- Dennis Leas