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Re: never enough

Although I own several electric gtrs it seems every once in a while I
get an urge to buy another. At the moment the epiphone les paul has
caught my eye. I am also intrigued by the possibility of building my own
eletric and carvin(my favorite american gtr maker) has an interesting
kit. I know many loopers are gtrsts, so if the rest of you don't mind,
to my fellow gtrplyrs I ask, "what has caught your eyes, ears or pockets
with the gtrs of all price ranges on the US market these days? I am
concerned with depletion of natural resources and am seriously pondering
the thought of buying used junk cheap and doing serious eletronic
upgrades as a protest in favor of trees. I think about this kind of
stuff. do you? 
anyone interested in gtr talk but not wanting to waste looper space can
contact me privately.



ps.N.y. area sam ash stores are having a midnite sale this thurs.the
time is right to make a purchase. I have overtime pay burning a hole in
my pocket.