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RE: fine musical experience

At 00.11 20/05/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Cheers, dude.  This concert was remarkable.  The bassist stole the show --
what a genius!  That's not a cello -- it's a guitar, it's Jaco Pastorius,
it's a guitar, it's a cello, it's a violin, it's Hendrix...  What a dude.
>       Thank you very much for letting me know about it.  Saw them in 
and they were *fantastic*!  Very funny Mr. Bennink, very great physical
expressions, his playing was very energetic, very skillful.  Mr. Moore was
right on the button.  Their ensemble is quite striking, and the effects of
their chemistry were like fireworks.  What a great show.
>       If you're near, don't miss it!

I saw them 3 times and I agree with you: they are incredible musicians.