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Re: SV: looping software?

At 00.43 20/05/98 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi all , I advice you to check these softwares out. They might not be
exactly what you are looking for , but anyone on this list could use them.
Here goes:
>Hammerhead ,  drumloops
>Mellonsoftron , a softwaresampler , lets you trigger wavs
>Rebirth , sounds and looks like the old roland classics for bass and 
techno style
>Rubberduck , a bass machine with some groovey filters.........
>These beuties are the best I can come up with.........I really dont know
where to find them , but they have been mentioned on the list from time to
>Hope this helps a lil`bit.  
>Yours , Thomas

Hey, I've got them all :), plus more. Every one has its peculiarities and I
use for different things, often combining each prog result in VST.

Let me know if you wanna know more specifically.