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RE: looping software?

Hey Leonardo and All,

The web page for O.R.I. is:  http://www.reinformation.com/
The last time I talked to them they wanted $29.00 for the program. 
They do a good job of performing too.  Pretty amusing.  Have fun.

While I'm here I hope nobody minds me throwing in a little plug.
I'll be doing an improvised electronic, organic, loop collage set at 
Georges 5th St. Cafe, 517 South 5th St, Philadelphia, May 28th from 
9:00 to 10:30pm and there's no cover.  I'll be pounding on my 
Jupiter-6 and SH-101 looping through an RDS-8000 and some other F/X.  
I'm going under the name of "Theatre of the Mind".
I do an electronic experimental event once every month "Upstairs at 
Nick's" at 16 So. 2nd St., Phila. June 3rd called E L E C T R O L U S T.  
This month I'm featuring David Tolento's "Music for Isolation Tanks" and 
"Theatre of the Mind"(myself-opening) with dj John Schenk spinning between 
sets.  Should be a great evening.
If anyone is interested in doing a set in the near future give me a shout 
at <ngc1275@voicenet.com> or leave a message at 610.664.8809.  


Mark of b.
Theatre of the Mind

At 08:05 AM 5/20/98 -0400, you wrote:
>On Wed, 20 May 1998, Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
>> At 16.42 19/05/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> >What would be fantastic is to find some software (I use a PC) that one
>> could load a number of samples into, then play them back in a
>> User-controlled order.  
>I don't think anyone has mentioned software for the Mac titled "Back to
>Basics". It was developed by some students/artists at CMU who use it in
>the Devoesque band Operation Reinformation (O.R.I.) 
>This software plays samples and everything is trigger by a computer
>keyboard. depending on which function keys and combinations you press you
>can make the sound louder, stretch, play backwards, etc etc. It's done
>totally live.
>They just finished a tour and showed up onstage with four MAc powerbooks
>and computer keybaords strapped to their chests guitar style. It was
>hilarious but in reality they actually really could *play* those damn
>things too.
>I forget the URLl of their website but you can do a searc on Back to
>Basics or Operation Reinformation and probably find it. I belive they said
>they were also going to make a PC version. Either way the sowftar was damn
>cheap (around $20 or so as I recall).
>Their CD is great too btw...
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