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Re: looping software?

Again, any sequencer midi/audio and any sampler by itself, anyway,  can do 

Olivier Malhomme

Jon Grant a ˇcrit:

> What would be fantastic is to find some software (I use a PC) that one 
>could load a number of samples into, then play them back in a 
>User-controlled order.  Ie. (since that doesn't even make sense to me) 
>you have 4 samples;  you start the program looping sample #1; this 
>continues until you tell the program to loop sample #2; it does this 
>without a break in the music/sound.  Ideally, the new loop/sample 
>wouldn't necessarily start until the end point of the previous 
>loop/sample.  This would gear the program more towards a performance-type 
>result, although you wouldn't be able to record loops live (they would be 
>prerecorded samples).  If there's software that does that, I would be 
>very pleased.
>                 Jon Grant
>                 Tian Music
>                 www.aracnet.net/~tianmus