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Re: Looping Software a Sucess!!!

At 19.39 24/05/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks to all the wonderful suggestions for looping software I was able
>to dig up some inspiration to create some computer weirdness. The
>results (in a somewhat lofi manner) are in a real audio clip at:
>This is a short track I wrote (sculpted?) entirely in software which is
>something I've never done before. It was a blast and two thumbs up for
>Acid by Sonic foundry; a true looping joy.

nice idea! I've listened to your file and I liked. Go ahead. 
As soon as possible I'd like to put my songs (a duo project, me on Stick,
Bass and programming and a singer) on the web to have some response. It's a
record entirely home made where I wrote all the music. The songs are
actually real songs (precise structure, vocal melodies, etc) but with a
strong trip hop, new electronica and d&b sound. And some Stick looping
through Jamman too.
And all was made on software apps. I used a lot of progs together in a way 
couldn't think possible. Computers can be really creative.