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Re: Cubase-does it loop

It's easy to produce loops in Cakewalk, but you're right its much better
to copy things over as many times as necessary (using ghost parts in
Cubase). I just find Cakewalk such an ugly program to use; ugly in its
interface, ugly to look at. Here's a question coming from a musician
with a design background. Why is so much interface design so prosaic?
Where's the Kai's power tools of music? Anyone need a hand to produce

Olivier Malhomme wrote:

> You can loop between to points in any sequencer. To me it is stupid.
> Better record your phrase, and if you want to, copy it X times
> afterwards. This way you can edit each part, imagine, use a filter, a
> reverb, anything on any portion of the loop if you want to, change the
> pitch,.... You can add other intruments (midi or audio) after wards, you
> can arrange passing from any loop to any other loop.