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Re: Cubase-does it loop

Well. It was a time where I had no looper of my own. I was then using
my multi track recorder to make loop (a MG 14D).
I was just playing everything like th elooper was in my head.
The use of a midi/audio sequencer can have any looping abilities you
want save one: real time (well almost, i recorded things with a midi
delay with a synth guitar, but well, let us not complicate things).
You can loop between to points in any sequencer. To me it is stupid.
Better record your phrase, and if you want to, copy it X times
afterwards. This way you can edit each part, imagine, use a filter, a
reverb, anything on any portion of the loop if you want to, change the
pitch,.... You can add other intruments (midi or audio) after wards, you
can arrange passing from any loop to any other loop. You can get as many
loops running (of any lenght/tempo/time signature/whatever) that the
polyphony of your machines will allow (were they tracks on your
hard-drive, or synth polyphony). I think it is even more interesting
that "conventionnal looper" that are more -say- mmm stage-oriented.
Which is good, don't get me wrong (I was happy to find, thanks to the
list, a jamman). Anyway,  of course, both methods can work hand in hand.

Basically the looper should be -to me- in your head, and not in your
toys. Hence, this kind of programs offer -again, IMHO- the largest
possibilities, the most powerful versatility.
Ouch, t'was a long bable. Hope it is of any help..

Olivier Malhomme