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RE: Cubase-does it loop

What about looping capabilities?

> ----------
> From:         Olivier Malhomme
> Reply To:     malhomme@vete.ucl.ac.be
> Sent:         Thursday, May 21, 1998 4:14 AM
> To:   John_Ott@ATK.COM
> Subject:      Re: Cubase
> As far as I know: I use Cubase VST mac.
> Eq is not too good, and no insert so far (only PC version, but a look
> at the Cubase users list show quite trouble with the PC version
> sometimes.
> Digital performer seems to have the better audio functions, but cubase
> is easy (to me at least). Lots of third party plugs for anything from
> reverb to reasonant filter, from ring mod to death ray gun phasers.
> Nontheless those softs require SCSI connectiion, the soft and data
> must
> be on a separate HD, and with today's machine you should run without
> too
> much trouble 32 audio tracks.
> Olivier Malhomme