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Re: Cubase

Leonardo Cavallo wrote:
> At 12.39 20/05/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hi all.  Sorry if this is a little off topic, but do any of you have 
> >VST, and what do you think about it?  I'm considering buying it, but I
> >would like to have some opinions regarding it's user-friendliness first.
> >
> >Thanks, Cam
> >
I use Cubase VST on the Mac.  I have 3 echoplexs.  I get a drum machine
(Roland PMA-5 or a R8M) or use cubase to get drums going w/MIDI, and
sync the plex to MIDI.  I grap three loops in the plexs and then dump
them onto DA s/ cubase.  This is quick and easy.  I have my mixers set
up so I can patch the plexs right into the DA.  Once the loops are in
DA, I go back and make more loops on the plexs and dump them back to
DA.  Everything stays in sync nicely.  I find that the DA sounds AT
LEAST as gook as the original (especially if monitored through the same
amp/speakers as the original.  I also have a vortex that I can patch the
plex through on the way to the DA.  A really interesting effect is to
duymp loops from the plex to DA, then hit invert on one or more of the
plex and then dump that into DA, and mix in with the forward versions.

Cubase has really simplified my setup in that it is so seemless;

>From plex to DA.  In jsut a few minutes I can get up to 12 looped tracks
(4 stereo tracks, each w/ three plexs) into the DA.

I really like the plugins.  Check out Dave's free plugins (see Steinburg
web site),  the N-pole filter is awsome.

I bought the Dance pak (Cubase, REBirth, and Recycle) from guitar center
on sale for $399.  Rebirth is a computer based TR808,909 simulater that
kicks butt.  REcycle is a sample slicer that takes (mainly drums)
samples and slices them so they can play at any tempo (slower than the

The cubase interface is really simple. I have a G#/266.  I'm not sure
how it would work on something slower, but it is great on my computer.