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what's goin' on in june?

"Explorations in Time/Space" - Soundscapes and Improvisations
Paul Mimlitsch (Chapman StickĘ/Loops)
J. Janetta ("Texturely" percussion/treated voice)
-Thurs. June 4th 8:00pm-close "Cafe Seattle" 140 Haddon Ave. Haddonfield 
-Sat. June 13th. 7:00pm-close "Garden of Eden Resaturant" Rt.73/Ramblewood
Pkwy. Mt. Laurel N.J. (609)778-1971
-Thurs. June 18th 8:00pm-Opening set at "Three Hour Detour"'s CD
(http://mars.superlink.net/~rayash/3htcd.htm) release party at "Down to 
Coffeehouse" High St. Mt. Holly N.J. (609)265-9135
-June 6,12,20,26,27,28 - as part of the exploratory jazz trio "Adelante", 
to be had at: <<http://www.newcommunity.net/adelante/adelante.html>>
Note: Also performing at the Adelante club "Shamballah" gig will be StickĘ
player Ray Ashley whos' set will consist of original solo pieces for Stick
(and also an mbira piece or two).