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I could really use some hints

Hi, I'm steve, and have recently got into the fantastic world of desktop

I've recently purchased some sound samples from time and space (Creative
essentials series), for the sole purpose of creating Hard House and Trance,
which I thought would cure my thirst for original material, but I've hit
another dilemma!

As great as mixing samples is, I want to do something a little more
creative.  In trance music especially, loops have the overall "Texture" of
the sound changing frequently.  How the hell do you do this?

I own a P166MMX with 64mb ram, and I'm running the standard Cubase that 
with the AWE 64 Gold card I bought for the task of making music.  Do I need
to shell out yet more money to do these wonderments, or do I just need to
get to know my equipment more intimately?

Any help anyone can offer (even if it's just a Web Site URL) would be
greatly appreciated.

Steve Lauder