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Spin-17 East Coast tour

Hello all, it's that time of the year again when I put pedal to the metal
and do the tour thing-ey again spreading harmony and disharmony
in equal measure (well maybe more of the latter) across the land.
If you're in the area, it'd be great to see you!  We'll be selling CD's and
tapes as well, to support our travels, and we're certainly open to trades!
Here's the scoop-

Ed  Chang           :Electronics, Guitar, Clarinet, Tape Wreckage
Motoko Shimizu      :Vocals, Turntable, Toys, Electronics, Bridge Guitar

PerFormIng     AdulT          MuSic On   ChilDren?S     ToyS
PerFormIng     ChilDren?S     MuSic On   AdulT          ToyS

SPIN-17 Mini-Tour Dates (Spring)

May 30  Philadelphia, PA, 8 pm   Asian Arts Initiative
             with OUTPLACE (Sean O?Donnell/David Forlano)

May 31  Baltimore, MD, 8:30 pm   The Red Room at NORMAL?s
        w. Jason WILLETT/John DIERKER & Evan RAPPORT/Chuck BETTIS.

June 1  Richmond, VA, 10 pm Hole In The Wall
             w. REPULSE MONKEY (feat members of PELT)

June 2  Asheville, NC, 9:30 pm   Vincent?s Ear
                  w. SKINFLICK

June 3  Atlanta, GA, 10 pm  The Star Bar

June 4  Chapel Hill, NC, 8 pm    Two Way Pull Records/Dr Quang?s Gallery
                  w. IVANOVITCH

June 5  Chapel Hill, 12 noon     Live Radio Performance on WXYC
                  (buy more batteries)

June 6  Philadelphia, PA, 10pm   The Astrocade
                  w. HEARING TRUMPET & KNURL

June 7  Trenton, NJ, 7pm         ArtWorks
                  w. GIANTS OF JAZZ

SPIN-17 is a duo project that mixes improvisation with experimental
composition (with a little bit ?o punk thrown in for fun). Mix together
the worst records from Salvation Army, the contents of a Toys ?R? Us
electronics department, some down-home reed chawin? clarinet, the
evil ghost of Betty Boop, and some Ante-diluvian anvil-guitar-plunking.
Bake for 5 minutes and swallow quickly.

Spin-17 have been performing in the New York area for the last
year and have finally put out a full-length CD of pieces to be
enjoyed by young and old alike.  A highlight of this new release
features their take on John Cage?s ?Aria? (with a newly-generated
?Plunderphonic? mix) as well as some good, fake ?Drum & Bass?
needle scratching.

They?re attitude is to pay their respects to experimental music
while destroying it at the same time.  Whether they succeed or
fail, their Stockhausen impressions (the uber-composer?s
voice, not  music) are a hoot.